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Emergency Assistance (EA) Reform in Massachusetts: A Report from Ten Regional Forums
Posted 01-28-2011
Sponsored by One Family, Inc and carried out by a politically-neutral study team from Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management, the ten regional forums engaged more than 175 stakeholders in constructive dialogue about transforming the EA system... The purpose of the forums was explicit and twofold: to explore ways of improving the Emergency Assistance (EA) program so that it is able to serve more families in need and more effectively prevent and end homelessness for families in Massachusetts.

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness Releases the Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness
Posted 07-26-2010
Cabinet members and Administration officials from the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness deliver plan to finish the job of ending veteran and chronic homelessness by 2015 and among families, youth, and children by 2020

College Scholarship Helps Single Bradford Mom
Posted 06-04-2010
Raising two children, Cancel lost two cars — and almost lost her apartment — because of financial difficulties and bad credit. The One Family Scholar program pulled her back from the brink. "It was a big turnaround..."

Graduating FSC student a “Mother of Inspiration”
Posted 06-04-2010
Freshman year of college is thought to be a time for high school graduates to “leave the nest” of their hometown and take a little time away from the rules and expectations of parents to explore their newfound freedom before adulthood. Ashley Crosby was doing just this as a freshman engineering major at the University of New Haven in Connecticut until she found out she was pregnant.

Keeping The Faith: Once Homeless Mom Is On Road To Success
Posted 06-01-2010
No one knows better than Faith Mello just how quickly your entire life can get turned upside-down. Our family was completely devastated when my father died," recalled the 26-year-old New Bedford resident. "I was in high school at the time and I can honestly say it ripped the spine right out of us."

One Family To Present Four Scholar Success Awards At 2010 Mothers of Inspiration Event
Posted 04-20-2010
One Family, Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission of ending family homelessness in Massachusetts, announced today that in addition to celebrating their graduating One Family Scholars, for the first time it will present four Scholar Success Awards to high-achieving One Family Scholars or Graduates at its annual Mothers of Inspiration gala on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at the Westin Copley Place Boston. Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino will be in attendance.

Home is What A Family Desires
Posted 12-16-2009
Central Mass. Housing Alliance leads the state in re-housing homeless families. A hotel is no place to raise a child, and CMHA knows it!

One Family Scholar Awilda Pimental volunteers to help the homeless at Thanksgiving
Posted 11-20-2009
LAWRENCE — Lorna Matthews thought she was going to be missing out on Thanksgiving this year - until
she got an unexpected invitation yesterday.

Choose Law Lunch and Learn - Friday, November 20, 2009 3PM - 4:15PM
Posted 11-04-2009
One Family and the MBA are offering this Lunch & Learn for our One Family Scholars and our fellows, the graduates of our program. Many One Family Scholars have gone on to law school and careers in the law.

One Family Inc Launches New "Right Resources" Website
Posted 10-08-2009
The Right Resources site, available to all members of regional networks to end homelessness, is The Right Resources site includes details about the innovations happening across Massachusetts to promote housing first models. Registration is required.

Dancing Deer's CEO Trish Karter Bikes 1500 miles to Raise Awareness for Family Homelessness and Supports One Family
Posted 05-06-2009
Coverage for Trish's bike ride was widespread. Her return to Boston was covered on NECN ( and in the Brockton Enterprise.

Posted 04-14-2009
The Honorable Thomas Menino to present the award at One Family's Mothers on Inspiration Celebration on Monday, May 4, 2009.

Posted 04-08-2009
The Annual Mothers of Inspiration Celebration on Monday, May 4, 2009 to celebrate the accomplishments of these 38 One Family Scholars.

President Obama's Homelessness Prevention Fund allocates $45 million to Massachusetts
Posted 04-02-2009
On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which includes a $1.5 billion for a Homelessness Prevention Fund.

One Family appoints Denise Durham Williams as new Executive Director
Posted 03-23-2009
March 10, 2009 - Boston, MA – One Family, Inc., a not-for-profit organization started by Paul and Phyllis Fireman and family with a mission of ending family homelessness in Massachusetts, announced today the appointment of Denise Durham Williams, a for-profit financial services executive, as their new Executive Director.

Regional Innovations to End Homelessness Kick-Off Across the State
Posted 03-01-2009
Regional Innovations to End Homelessness Kick-Off Across the State of Massachusetts

Governor's Office Announces Regional Pilot Networks to Lessen Shelter Needs
Posted 12-16-2008

$8 Million in Funding to Help Agencies Coordinate, Streamline Services, and Find Permanent Housing for Homeless. 

Boston Globe Editorial - Tough Test for Homeless Policy
Posted 11-03-2008

The number of homeless families has surged to a record high in Massachusetts. Some 2,500 families are homeless, up from about 1,500 two years ago. And more than 600 homeless families are staying in motels, caring for children in rooms, often far from school, with little more than beds, a TV, and maybe a hotplate. Given the faltering economy, even more families could end up in shelters.

Boston Globe - Homelessness [in MA] Hits Record High
Posted 10-06-2008

The number of homeless people in the state is at a record high and likely to rise because of the mortgage crisis and continuing surge in foreclosures.

Lowell Sun - Happyness Worth Fighting For
Posted 09-25-2008

One Family's Back-to-School Breakfast featured keynote speaker, Chris Gardner, author of The New York Times bestseller and movie of the same name, The Pursuit of Happyness.

The Lowell Sun's Rita Savard attended the event in her article: 'Happyness' worth fighting for: Man behind hit movie adds inspiration to Mass. homelessness battle. 

WBUR - Homeless Families Back in Hotels
Posted 09-23-2008

WBUR's Monica Brady Myerov's story of how homeless families in Massachusetts are back in hotels.  Link to audio on WBUR's website

Lowell Sun - Hotels Providing Temporary Shelter, Again
Posted 09-21-2008
"Every shelter in Massachusetts is filled to capacity, so the state reinstated its hotel/motel program to provide temporary emergency shelter to homeless families"

Boston Globe - Homeless Put Strain on Schools
Posted 09-21-2008
In Chelmsford, "local officials are expressing frustration at an influx of homeless families whose children are now streaming into the local schools, adding unexpected costs to the cash-strapped system."

Boston Herald - One Roof At A Time
Posted 08-10-2008
 Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick pledges more than $1 Billion for State's spiraling homeless crisis.

Boston Globe Editorial - Progress on the home front
Posted 08-03-2008

This Boston Globe editorial details the huge advances in reducing the numbers of chronically homeless adults nationwide by 30% BUT indicates that the number of families who are homeless in the Bay State during this same study period have increased by 10.8%.

Posted 07-21-2008



One Family Congratulates Governor Patrick and The Legislature

on their Commitment to Ending Homelessness


Last week, Governor Patrick approved the budget for fiscal year 2009. With his signature he secured $10 million of flexible funding toward ending homelessness in Massachusetts. We now have the resources to take action on the blue print for change that was proposed by the Commission to End Homelessness in the Commonwealth.


With these funds and the recommendations from the Commission, the Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness (ICHH) will begin transforming how we address homelessness in our state. Per the Commission's recommendations, much of the work will be happening out in the regions, through pilots and innovative partnerships - this is a landmark advancement on how services will be delivered and how local/regional solutions will better help those in need.

During the last year, One Family facilitated regional planning efforts to ready the field and build the public will to shift to a more preventative and housing-first approach to ending homelessness.  One Family's active participation in the Commission's 5-Year Plan to End Homelessness has helped ensure new solutions to housing families.

This is an exciting time for our state. Homelessness is solvable and we are on the verge of a new day when all the key partners come together to end homelessness in the Commonwealth.

We thank you for your support of One Family and our initiatives to end family homelessness in Massachusetts. And, we ask for your continued support to ensure that these recommendations and solutions keep families strong, housed, living in stable communities and, as the State's Constitution says, "enjoying the - blessings of life."
- One Family, Inc.


Boston Globe - Lowell Commits to Timetable to End Homelessness
Posted 06-12-2008

One Family Featured on Sundays with Liz Walker!
Posted 03-04-2008

Boston Globe Editorial: When the Wolf is at the Door
Posted 02-15-2008

Boston Globe: Patrick's budget aims to end homelessness
Posted 01-22-2008

Read the Report from the Special Commission Relative to Ending Homelessness in the Commonwealth
Posted 01-15-2008
The Special Commission Relative to Ending Homelessness in the Commonwealth has just released its report - including recommendations to end homelessness in Massachusetts in the next five years. The Commission members, including state and local officials, heads of state agencies, practitioners, and advocates, have recommended:

- Ending the widespread use of shelters and promoting more prevention resources and permanent housing opportunities for those in need.
- Creating flexible resources to stabilize, divert, and re-house those who are experiencing or at-risk of homelessness.
- Increasing housing production and affordable housing opportunities statewide.
- Establishing regional coordinating entities, utilizing existing resources and community networks.
- Developing a uniform assessment tool to be used by state and non-profit organizations to better target available resources.

The Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness will now take up the recommendations from the Commission and begin to create a work-plan for success. The council will be chaired by Lt. Governor Tim Murray and includes leaders from the human services agencies and departments of housing, workforce development and veterans' affairs.

We commend the Patrick/Murray administration for taking steps to end the unacceptable and solvable problem of family homelessness.

Young Children Without Homes National Conference
Posted 01-04-2008

WFCR's Bob Paquette reports on the state of homelessness in Massachusetts
Posted 01-02-2008

Click on the link that follows to hear the WFCR podcast of Bob Paquette's report on the Massachusetts' state of homelessness.


Boston Globe Editorial: From Helpless to Heartening
Posted 09-06-2007
An editorial featuring a One Family Scholar, Toddye Anderson.

Boston Globe Editorial: A Future Without Homelessness
Posted 08-10-2007
An editorial from the Boston Globe on the new state commision on homelessness, to which Sue Beaton, One Family's Campaign Director, has been appointed.

Boston Globe Editorial: Fight Homelessness With Data
Posted 08-08-2007

One Family Scholar is ABC News' "Person of the Week”!
Posted 07-17-2007

One Family Scholars Seeks Program Director
Posted 07-10-2007
Please send cover letter and resume to Anne Healy at

Boston Globe: A Life Reclaimed
Posted 06-26-2007
An inspiring article about a One Family Scholar, Khymi Woo.

Toni Wiley Named Executive Director of One Family!
Posted 06-12-2007
One Family Inc. is pleased to announce Toni Wiley as Executive Director.

One Family Scholars on WMBR
Posted 05-09-2007

This year’s Mothers of Inspiration Honors “Truly Courageous” Scholars
Posted 05-02-2007

Michelle Botus - Scholar, Mentor and Inspiration to Us All
Posted 05-01-2007
From the web magazine Hot, a great article about a One Family Fellow, Michelle Botus

One Successful Woman Inspires Countless Others
Posted 04-24-2007
An article from Northeastern University's "Encore" magazine featuring the director of the one Family Scholars program, Toni Wiley.

Young Children Without Homes National Conference
Posted 04-20-2007

The Boston Globe - At the base of the ladder out of poverty 2/15/07
Posted 02-20-2007

The Boston Herald 1/27/07 There's No Place Like Home Op. Ed.
Posted 01-31-2007

The Springfield Republican 1/23/07 Mayors Plan Strategy to End Homelessness
Posted 01-30-2007

The Policy Academy on Family Homelessness – Concrete Steps To A Solution
Posted 08-08-2006

NECN Covers Mothers of Inspiration!
Posted 06-31-2006

Home Safe - Boston Globe, June 9, 2006
Posted 06-13-2006
A Boston Globe editorial on the Boston Homelessness Prevention Clearinghouse - a cooperative initiative of the Paul and Phyllis Fireman Foundation and the City of Boston.

New Campaign Shows Progress for Homeless - New York Times, June 7, 2006
Posted 06-07-2006
Another article that demonstrates the successes of "housing first" policies throughout the country.

A solution for the homeless - Boston Globe, June 5, 2005
Posted 06-06-2006
A recent Boston Globe editorial, furthering the discussion of ending homelessness versus managing it.

Sunday with Liz Walker features One Family Scholars Program!
Posted 01-01-2006
Click on the link to learn about our One Family Scholars program, featured on the Sundays with Liz Walker Show.

"Doors for the Homeless" Boston Globe, September 4, 2005
Posted 09-04-2005

One Family Hails Shift in Homeless Policies
Posted 03-30-2005

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